OpenBeam at Open Hardware Summit / World Maker Faire, New York!

Greetings from the Big Apple!For the few backers that still have not received their rewards, I'll be sending out an update next week when I return from New York City Maker Faire to address the resolution of your outstanding packages - including the trebuchet kits. :-)

It's been a long hard month for me and Rachel (the furry monster puppy, not so much…). We've both had a pretty packed travel schedule, which, combined with all the things going on, had made it difficult for me to issue regular updates. Sorry about that.

So, first of all, we are going to World Maker Faire NYC. We will be, once again, sharing a booth with our friends at Logos Electromechanical. Unlike previous Maker Faires, we have requested and gotten a booth in the dark area of the faire. We are doing this for a few reasons:

1) It'll hopefully make us easier to find, the "dark area" is a lot smaller. 2) It will showcase Logo's ELectromechanical's blinky LEDs a lot better 3) We have built an exhibit specifically to take advantage of the dark area - a long exposure spirograph light painting rig. Come by to check it out and bring home a light painted spirograph!

We had a blast at the Open Hardware Summit. By the time we got accepted into Maker Faire and figured out my travel arrangements (try not to be in NYC when the United Nations is in town…) we OHSummit had already sold out. So the only way in for me was to become a volunteer:

[Image: OHSummit hardware badge]

So, with 3 hours of sleep on a red eye flight (and just a pack of airplane peanuts for the first hour or so), I manned the cameras and shot 50Gb of HD footage and images of the conference. It was a BLAST!

We will be posting an update on some of the cool things that are coming out of the conference. But for now, as of today, OpenBeam became an Affiliate Member of the Open Source Hardware Association:

And… here's one of my favorite pictures of the day:


Hope to see you at Maker Faire NYC!

-=- Terence, Rachel and the furry monster puppy