Update - Trebuchet kit, signed engineering prints

Just another quick update.Signed engineering prints are on their way to our backers!


And, finally, the first 6 trebuchet kits are going out later today, with the balance to soon follow (we ran out of the fiberglass strapping tape used to tape the boxes together). It's really true that when you run a production line, the slightest part shortage brings the entire process to a halt.


Here's my guest bathroom, which had been temporarily taken over for kitting trebuchet kits. (The garage is a bit full right now).


Here's the rest of the hardware pack that came in this week. EVERYTHING is included in the trebuchet kit, including a pack of ball bearing "ammo".


Those of you with a spouse or significant other will know how expensive it is in political capital (aka brownie points) it would be to keep occupying the guest bathroom like this. Believe me, I want these kits out of here as much as you do… :-)

-=- Terence