Maker Faire, here we come!

OpenBeam will be joining our friends Metrix Create:Space and Logos ElectroMechanical at the Bay Area Maker Faire.  Look for us under the banner of "Metrix Open Hardware Alliance".  We will update our blog once we know where we are located inside the fair grounds.  This year, in order to be able to see things at the fair - I bought along a few friends to help man the booth.  I will be posting our booth staffing schedule on our blog once we finalize it as well.We will be selling some of our merchandise at the fair at a discount - our precut construction kits, including the currently rarer than rare-earth mineral mines in the US "Machine Builder Construction Kit".  We will also be showcasing some of our new 3D printers, including the OpenBeam Kossel Pro that had been under development for the past six months:

Along with the OpenBeam Kossel Pro on display, we will be selling Mini Kossel Kits:

Finally, our friends at Metrix will be selling the Brainwave board.  The Brainwave is a low cost 3D printer control board that is capable of silky smooth 1/32 Microstepping.  These Brainwave boards are lovingly assembled in our hackerspace on our very own pick and place machine:

Just how good is this board?

Both of these parts were printed on a MakerBot CupCake.  A few simple mechanical upgrades and the Brainwave board greatly improved the machine.

Hope to see you guys at Maker Faire!

-=- Terence