Kossel / Kossel Pro - In progress pictures

Hello!First, a personal note.  I'm getting married this Saturday!  I've been completely swamped.  The future Mrs. OpenBeam had commissioned me for a few OpenBeam related wedding decoration.   On top of all this is my day job, plus the usual logistics challenge of coordinating a typical wedding - Relatives from around the globe, transportation logistics, etc.  Come think about it, it's not very far off from supply chain management...

I just want to share a few pictures of the work-in-progress Kossel Pro and Kossel redesign:

Our ball bearing ball joints.  Each ball joint contains 4 bearings, for butter smooth, low friction, zero backlash motion.

We've managed to retain about the same dimensions as the popular Traxxis 5347 ball joints!  This means that carbon fiber tubes cut to length for the Traxxis ball end rods can also be used with the OpenBeam ball ends to make a rod with the same center-to-center distance.

A set of these babies on carbon fiber rods.

Here's the carriage, with our belt end clamp.  The belt loops back onto itself, you pull it to tighten it around the peg.  We've ported this geometry back into the RepRap branch as well, and we give you two options:  Build the unit with captive M3 nylock, or build it with a captive M3 x 37mm spacer:

The use of a spacer greatly improves rigidity, as it couples both ends of the ball joint together.

And here's a sneak peek at the new end effector, with integral cooling ducts.  The ring around the hot end is fed by two top mounted fans that are PWM controlled, while the hot end gets its own dedicated, always on ducted fan cooling system to prevent thermal jamming issues.  We are VERY proud of the work we've done on the end effector; as you can see it packs a LOT of technology into a very small package without growing the overall size by too much.

You can see more "in progress" pictures on the OpenBeam Flickr page.

I'll update more after my wedding!

-=- Terence