Kickstarter Update - The Kossel Vertex

 A quick update:

We have received the first tooled parts for the Kossel Pro family.  These parts replace the 3D Printed Vertex that form the top and bottom of the printer.

 What are the orange parts?

You are looking at a set of soft jaws, designed to fit a Kurt 6" machining vise.  Kurt machining vises (and their numerous clones) are industry standard for a machine shop; just about any machine shop will have a few of these lying around.  The soft jaws are designed to replace the hardened steel jaws of the vise and have a contour that holds these extrusions in the proper orientation for the machining operations that have to be done on them.

The beautiful thing about these soft jaws is that it with the right tooling, the machining operations can be done with just a manual milling machine.  A Tormach CNC Mill is on the horizon for me as a purchase, but until now, I am limited to what I can get access to.  (A friend of Matthew and I is performing the machining work for us, but in a pinch, I wanted to be able to hop on a manual knee mill and be able to punch these things out).  In fact, most of the operations can now be done on a drill press, with these jaws.

We should be getting machined parts back later this week, but I thought it'd be fun to share the work-in-progress shots.

-=- Terence