HUGE OpenBeam discounts at Seattle Mini Maker Faire

We are proud to be sponsoring our local Maker Faire again.  This year's Seattle Mini Maker Faire will be held on March 22nd and 23rd at the EMP Museum.  

Printing Totoros at the 2013 Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Seattle is our home town, and we like to reserve our best Maker Faire promotions for our home town makers.  We will be running Maker Faire specials (about 20% discount) on our extrusions, brackets and precut kits (subject to availability).  We will also be selling our extrusions made by our old manufacturer at half price.  Although we have sorted through and rejected the worst of the bunch, the remaining inventory, while usable, isn't something I'm particularly proud to sell.  (My philosophy on this is simple: If I won't be happy receiving the product as a paying customer, it doesn't go onto the web store).  

I will therefore have a bundle of non-anodized extrusions (good for making custom colored OpenBeam) as well as various cut lengths of our old stock.  In some of these instances, the bars may be warped up to 3-5mm per meter (this is 2-3 times the allowable industry standard for extrusions, FYI), or may have surface cosmetic blemishes, or feel dirty from mishandling at the anodizer.  They are still likely ok for construction projects, just not good enough for me to sell full price on the web store.  So, come on down and support our maker faire and load up on OpenBeam loot.  

Our new overseas vendor is amazing, by the way.  They have been handling our cutting and kitting, and stuff that doesn't pass inspection doesn't get shipped.  As a result, we no longer have manufacturing yield fall outs.  I plan on donating what I doesn't sell to local schools, so this will be the only time where we will be running such an aggressive special.


-=- Terence, Rachel and the furry monster puppy