Quick house-keeping update

Hi everyone!

A quick, mostly non-Kossel housekeeping update! :-)

A)  We have relaunched our forum!  When we first started, we had a forum, but that was soon overran by spammers.  We have finally relaunched a forum at: http://forums.openbeamusa.com/ - with my friend and IT geek Chris Gilroy helping out with forum administration.  Please direct questions with regards to the OpenBeam Kossel, pre-orders, etc there, as we are entering the crunch period of kickstarter preorders fulfillment and more people can help answer your questions on the forum than just emailing me through the contact form.

B)  We have launched a 40 pack of L and T brackets.  When we first moved to Amazon Fulfillment, we had to raise our L and T bracket pricing to $9.99 to cover the cost of Amazon's FBA fees.  Since then we've done a lot of price and packaging restructuring to strike a good balance of offering good value to our customers and, well, not losing our shirt on shipping charges.  At the pricing that we are now offering these brackets, we are able to once again hit our original design goal of <$1.00 per joint.

Regular 8 packs of L and T brackets are also on their way to Amazon's fulfillment centers.  They will have the same price as before, but the 40 packs are a much better deal for anyone building big projects.

C)  Along the same line of "offering better value", we have launched our first collection of precut length pieces.  This was a very popular program when we started it at Metrix Create:Space; we found that having precut lengths help people with mechanical prototyping as it eliminates a lot of the tediousness of measuring and cutting and it gets people to building faster.  You can  see a list of our precut length offerings here.

D)  Preorders for the Kossel is now live!  We'll come back and update with pictures and videos, hopefully next week.  

E)  Finally, Mrs. OpenBeam had finally dragged me kicking and screaming onto Twitter.  Please follow us @OpenBeam on Twitter.

That's it for this update,

-=- Terence