Reminder - On Vacation

Just a quick heads up - pretty much the entire Kossel Pro engineering team is out on their annual downhill mountain biking trip in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia.  We have marching orders from all our vendors to not break anything major until Kossels are shipping. 

Left to right:  Dave Mathiesen (web guy), Chris Martin (manufacturing engineering), Mike Ziomkowski (electrical engineer) and Terence Tam (Project Lead and Mech Engineer). Picture from our 2012 trip, taken at the start of the day before those smiles turn into looks of disbelief and terror.

It's highly unusual for me, but I didn't even pack my laptop this time around. We will return after Labor Day refreshed and ready to take the project past the finishing line. 


See the video above?  I think they are making fun of me, starting at 1:55....

-=- Terence