3D Printing a Halloween costume

Thought I'd take a quick break from our normal programming to show off my son's first Halloween costume!

Rachel found a teddy bear hoodie outfit for Zachary, so Zach wlll be Winnie The Pooh for Halloween.  Given the amount of time I  spend away from family to work on the Kossel project, I immediately offered to take care of the honey pot for the costume.

I started by googling for a good picture of the honey pot:


I then brought the image into Adobe Illustrator and did a bitmap to vector conversion:

Next, I opened up Solidworks.  I have some leeway with the cross section of the pot; knowing that a good 3D Printer can print a 45 degree overhang without issues, I modeled in the profile as a couple of splines.  We measured Zach while he was sleeping (~24") and determined the pot height to be aprpoximately 10" or so for the pot to bear size ratio will look correct.

And, being completely artistically challenged, I converted the text from the graphics into a DXF and brought that into Solidworks, then scaled it up and used it to cut a 1mm offset below the surface of the pot:

The handles are swept from a circular profile and a 3D Curve; nothing fancy.  Again, I have some artistic freedom, so I made sure that the initial angles are 45 deg (max safe overhang without support).

The pot printed perfectly on the first try with my personal Kossel Pro.  It was a 26 hour print; we used Polymakr Polymaxx for the filament.   Just to be safe, I printed a second copy for Rachel in case something went screwy with the painting.

And another quick test fit while Zach's asleep.

All together, from initial concept to finished print, about 30 hours (26 of which was unattended print time).  We're really happy with how that turned out.

Feel free to check back after Halloween to see how the costume turned out!

-=- Terence