New firmware build, new print head, all hands on deck

Just a quick update.

1)  K-Head print heads.  We finished the engineering work on K-Heads quite a while ago now and found a domestic supplier who quoted a reasonable price and fairly reasonable lead time.  Unfortunately, the lead time sailed past and the vendor went Helen Keller on us for about 2 weeks, during which I managed to find a new overseas supplier to start a quotation process.  It wasn't until I cancelled the PO did the domestic vendor break radio silence to tell us that they've not started on any work on the parts.

Unfortunately this mean that we lost a good 6 weeks or so on the project.  We've recovered and we've since found a vendor, vetted them and have parts delivered.   We've been testing the new print heads and we're pretty happy with the results; we'll release a new firmware build this week with new tuning parameters to get good results out of the new print head.


2)  We are currently in "all hands on deck" mode to get the balance of the printers out the door.  We estimate this to be no more than 2-3 weeks.  

As engineers, we were hopeful that a suitable CM can help us with the kitting work (ie, not wanting to do the grunt work ourselves).  It is now pretty apparent that we need to dual path until we can get some CM spun up SOMEWHERE to handle the kitting.  As a result, we've been busy converting Mike's garage into a work space.  We've been installing winch systems to lift the bikes, boxes and other things off the ground so that we can put an assembly line into the garage.  We finally managed to get our air freight cargo through customs last Friday and we've been kitting parts left and right.  We've also pushed a lot of fastener kitting upstream to our fasteners supplier and that had greatly helped with us being more efficient.  

At this time, we believe we should be able to ship all outstanding orders in about 2-3 weeks and also be in stock at MatterHackers and Solarbotics in that time frame.

That's it for this update.  We look forward to getting back into engineering.

-=- Terence & Mike