The race against time

Terence here.  Early this morning I delivered the last of the K-Heads, lubricated linear rails and glued carbon fiber rods to Mike, and helped him a little bit with kitting, before rushing off to take my wife to the hospital, where they did confirm that her water did break.  It looks like my child already inherited my time estimate ability - his due date was June 17th, but if all goes well, he'll be coming into the world tomorrow. :-P.

With the delivery to Mike we are in a position to close out the rest of the purchase order from MatterHackers and fulfill all our kit printer obligations on the books.  These were the most technically complicated and tricky subassemblies - so unfortunately, it fell on my shoulders to assemble them, to take notes and develop the assembly process, before they can be delegated out to someone else.   

Three of the prebuilt machines from the Kickstarter campaign are completed; and the rest of the machines should be completed this coming week.  The only thing left is a calibration test and some engineering of the shipping crate.  Earlier in the year, I took my assembled Kossel Pro down to Eugene, OR, for a presentation on 3D Printing for my day job.  Based on this, we have some idea of how we want to package these machines for transit and what we can do to ensure that the machines that we've built survive the track to their owners intact.

Selected parts have already started their journey to and more parts will be on the way.  In the meantime, MatterHackers and Solarbotics will have these printers in stock, and for those who want one, they are going to be the only ones carrying the printer for the time being (and being able to help with offering post-sales support).

This had been a LONG project; with major life changing events for me  (getting married, and having a kid) along the way.  Obviously, dropping off the last set of printer parts to your business partner before taking your wife to the hospital is cutting it WAY closer than I'd like; I am just happy to be able to get over the hump before my child arrives.  

-=- Terence, Rachel & baby Zachary (and uncle Mike)