Back to engineering

First, a bit of good news.  Rachel and I welcomed our son, Zachary into the world about 2 weeks ago.  Mom and baby are doing well, although we are all a bit sleep deprived at this point.  I thought I was busy before our child arrive - boy, was I wrong.  Now that we are hopefully settling into a schedule of some sort, I'll just try to find ways to work smarter.

We return to work on the project this week with lots of engineering:

1)  Shipment of preassembled printers

We've received in the cardboard box and polyethylene foam that we've picked from ULine for shipping the completed machine, and now all that remains is designing and building the internal crate structure to hold the completed Kossel Pro printers.  Based on our experience shipping demo printers around, we are pretty confident we have something that'll work.  I should be able to finish up the design of the crate "insert" in the next few days and get the first prototypes laser cut.  Then we'll perform a drop test or two, before shipping a completed printer or two to a few selected backers.  Once we verify that the printer will survive the journey, we'll ramp up shipping.

2)  Kossel 1.2 prototyping

We're  in the process of prototyping up parts to address some of the shortcomings of the printer.  That's all I'm willing to say at the moment.


We also have received in some replacement parts - 24V fans to perform a retrofit on field units (to quiet down the power supply), as well as our next batch of heater cartridges and K-head parts.  We have already sent the K-Head parts back out for tungsten disulfide coating, and we're going to get the new heater cartridges crimped ASAP.  Having both of these at Amazon's warehouse will greatly improve our ability to provide after sales support to customers with units in the field.

That's about it for this update.