New Products!

With the trainwreck that was Tully Gehran's Factory For All behind us, we are happy to be hitting the ground running on R&D again.y

One of the things we've been doing, before, during, and after our supply chain disruption, is to continuely test and qualify new manufacturing processes by small Mom and Pop shops in China.  One of the areas we've been doing work is finding ygood quick turn sheet metal vendors; after all, good sheet metal work is the foundation of many consumer electronics.  

In order to quick turn sheet metal parts, we found a laser cutting vendor that does reasonable quality work for reasonable prices.  The advantage of laser cutting is that there are no NREs (Non-Recurring Expenses) and no need to buy expensive stamp tooling.  The part cost is a bit more, but not prohibitively expensive.  Laser cutting also allows us to form fine features that wouldn't be traditionally possible with punch tooling - the rule of thumb is that the smallest feature (hole diameter, etc) have to be at least the thickness of the material that it is punched into.  OpenBeam long ago had standardized on 2mm thick brackets (in order to keep the screw lengths uniform).  Some of our newer motor mount brackets have holes drilled for M1.4 socket head cap screws.

Here are some of the new kits for various different brackets that we have developed:


We've traditionally carried a stamped metal bracket for full size metal servos; we revisited the design and made the mounting of the servo a little bit more secure, and we created the servo mount in two directions - one having the long edge of the servo parallel to the length of the extrusion, and one having the long edge of the servo perpendicular to the length of the extrusion.

We then designed a total of 6 new servo brackets for micro, mini and full size servos respectively.  

That's it for this update!  We are trying to get into a habbit of pubishing more often and frequent.