Prebuilt machines

Terence here, with a quick update.


My old boss used to say:  “If you want to really learn about your product:  Get someone else to build 100 copies of your product.  Line ‘em up in a room and go bang on them”.  


Building 100 machines is still a bit beyond our current capabilities, but we were able to build 10+ and test them.  Even more importantly, within this 10 unit pool we have replicated the common pitfalls identified by our builders on the forum, and we are working actively awards finding a resolution for these issues.


Our First Customer Ship unit had reached its intended customer, and cranking out good prints.  One thing did slip past our QC process and we are happy that the FCS unit had some burn in time - apparently loctite wasn't applied to the auto probe arm.  We've since reworked the rest of the prebuilt machines, and we are making some minor revisions to how the printer is shipped.  Specifically the tools that we ship with the printers will now be loaded into a zip lock bag and taped to the shipping crate structure to prevent it from rattling loose inside the box while in transit.


The FCS unit verified the design of our packaging and its ability to protect an assembled printer its transit (in this case, to Florida, by truck!).  We’ve also completed the hard work of mechanically rebuilding the entire pre-assembled printer fleet to our specification.  Now the only thing that is left is the installation and tuning of firmware on each of the machines.  We are doing this to study the effects of manufacturing tolerances on values in the firmware; specifically, the Z-probe offset, PID tuning values for the hot end and HBP, and the steps per mm value for the EZStruder.

We are also taking the opportunity, with our printer fleet, to tune our print profiles.  Here are some examples of the test prints that we were able to get out of the printer fleet.  

Still outstanding is the task to have all the laser cut crate parts laser cut and assembled, and getting burn-in time on all printers.  We are hoping to be able to finish this up in the next 2 weeks or so, and resume shipping out preassembled machines.

That’s all for this update.  I’m including the work-in-progress tuning profiles for MatterControl and