ZT Automations is the collaborative effort of Mechanical Engineer Terence Tam and Electrical Engineer Mike Ziomkowski.

Terence is the creator of the OpenBeam construction system,  In 2012, frustrated with the lack of options for desktop sized prototyping systems, Terence created OpenBeam, launched a Kickstarter campaign, and started running OpenBeam in addition to his day job.

In 2013, Terence joined forces with Johann Rocholl and other makers at Metrix Create Space in Seattle and started work on the Kossel Pro.  Needing an Electrical Engineer, Terence invited his good friend, Mike Ziomkowski, to join in on the project.

Today, Mike handles the daily business operations, from logistics to inventory projections, freeing Terence up to do more of the product design work.  In late 2015, it was decided that OpenBeam's product line will transition to be sold through ZT Automations as well, to help better streamline part availability.